Transgender Service Members Are Heroes– Not Burdens

Five-time draft-dodger President Trump recently announced transgender individuals will no longer be welcome to serve in the United State Military. Even more callously, he went on to state such willing service members would be a “disruption” and a “burden”. Speaking of disruption, perhaps Trump took this opportunity to ban an entire group of Americans from [...]

How I Show My Pride as an Ally

Pride Month has been full of beautiful moments celebrating the LGBTQ community... Justin Trudeau was caught rocking his rainbow socks and high-fiving mini Wonder Woman. Facebook added a rainbow reaction so everyone can annoy their bigoted family members show their pride. Some companies have released some really spectacular ad campaigns.  Personally, I can’t check any LGBTQ boxes. I’m [...]

The Last Latch

Huge, manic tears propelled from my puffy eyes as my body finally responded to the complexity of emotions I felt when my daughter was born. Fear, pain, vulnerability, relief, joy—I felt them all at once and my tear ducts exploded in surrender to the overwhelming melee of emotions. The tears rolled down to my bare [...]