If being young and dumb was a crime, we’d all be serving life sentences.

I was running for re-election and I predicted a tough race, not like the previous year's landslide victory. (In which I ran unopposed.) The year was 1999 and eighth grade class secretary was a coveted position. I could always depend on my dad for a good brainstorming session, so I explained that I would actually have [...]

Paint My House!

We're [hopefully] approaching a closing date on our new house. We love the house, the bones of the house, but it needs some love. The layout is great, but cosmetically, it couldn't be more boring. The entire house has ugly, damaged gray carpet and black and white vinyl floors. Then I guess they gave the [...]

What do organized crime, Siberian Tigers and reasonably priced hardwood floors have in common?

We're in the process of buying our second house. (Yay!) But it needs some work. (Meh.) And we have a strict budget. (Boo.) After we scoured our local big box home improvement stores for hardwood and laminate flooring samples, we decided to check out Lumber Liquidators (Or "LUMBER LIQUIDATOR$, as the sign reads.) Since the [...]

Friday Freebie for Breastfeeding Mamas!

Happy Breastfeeding Week! Over the next week, there will be lots of boobie talk over here. I'll be talking about the common struggles of breastfeeding and share my absolute must-haves for breastfeeding mamas. Here's the really great news-- One of my absolute favorite, must-have products for breastfeeding moms is FREE today through August 5th or [...]