Farmer’s Market Inspired Kitchen Remodel (On a budget!)

It all started with a kitchen. Not my actual kitchen– a little IKEA kitchen I bought for the kids.

I just wasn’t feeling the bright green knobs and boring top. So I spray painted the fixtures gold, made and added some decals with my Silhouette Cameo, applied marble contact paper, added a few tweaks here and there. Then, ta-da! Adorable.

The state of the kitchen before

Well, that was enough inspiration for me to take on my actual kitchen. When we purchased our house, everything was builder’s grade, gray, very boring. But we loved the house itself. So we knew we would slowly end up remodeling everything. We also knew it would be on a budget because we do absolutely everything on a budget. To torture ourselves cut costs, we do most things ourselves. My husband and I met while working at Home Depot when we started college and worked there for several years. So we got honorary bachelor’s degrees in home improvement and retail discontentment, which comes in quite handy as homeowners!

Shortly after we purchased the house, we painted the kitchen Benjamin Moore Palladian Blue and replaced the flooring with dark, high gloss laminate that we loathe (so hard to keep clean!) The cabinets were laminate, but I actually removed the laminate coating and painted them the Benjamin Moore color, White Dove.

Stripping laminate cabinets is so liberating!

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We lived with those small improvements for a couple of years. Then finally we made larger improvements this year:

  • I replaced the old, nickel knobs with oil-rubbed bronze hardware I found on Amazon. The prices on Amazon were quite a bit lower than the big-box home improvement stores. All the hardware cost less than 50 bucks making the cabinet revamp less than $100 including the paint.
  • We chose Silestone Lagoon quartz countertop, which I love. Huge improvement over the black laminate.
  • We installed a simple white, glossy subway tile and silver grout
  • We knocked down the cabinet on the right side and installed open shelving
  • We replaced the sink with theDOMSJÖ double-bowl apron sink from IKEA
  • My husband installed shiplap to the sides of our island
  • My husband also updated our lighting
  • I added several things I made with my beloved Silhouette Cameo and added some pieces from local artists
  • We managed to do all this with two little kids and remain happily married.

    Ta da!

    Now, we don’t live in a farmhouse. We live in a 15-year-old home in the suburbs. My husband occasionally asks if I’d like to live on a farm one day– a little house with lots of land. Some chickens. Maybe even a goat. For me, that’s an emphatic “no thanks”. I’ve made peace with the fact that I, in my heart of hearts, am not a farmer. I do, however, like to go to farmer’s markets.

    In fact, I really love shopping at street markets. We recently visited Montreal and one of my favorite things to do was to peruse all the wonderful items they had to offer. Montreal has an amazing food scene and this was very apparent in the markets. Cheese shops had hundreds of varieties, (including unpasteurized ones you can’t get in the states). A baker had the most perfect, beautiful, delicate, delicious macarons you’ve ever laid eyes on. The fruits and veggies were flawless and arranged like art. The scent of espresso from the cafes filled the air.

    So, when decorating my kitchen, I was inspired by the style of a French farmer’s market. I even displayed a couple photos I took from the markets in Montreal. I can only hope this inspiration will influence me the next time I bake macarons.

I’m really happy with how it turned out! What do you think? Do you dig the farmhouse trends? Do you also keep your butter on the counter? You totally should. Leave you thoughts in the comments! 🙂

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